Create Fate is a collective of artists on a mission to create positive music. Light is knowledge and the ripple effect is real. By focusing our intentions toward the light we can effect positive change and growth on a psychic – subatomic level throughout the universe, which is essentially a swimming sea of energies and frequencies that can be molded by our thoughts and consciousness. We are influenced by the world around us and by what other artists are doing and we keep our psyche’s tuned to infinite abundance, our energy fields magnetized to growth and prosperity. Cultivating our intuition and mental powers makes us stronger and drives us to new artistic heights. We’re innovators and virtuosos who ultimately wish to make the world a better place by enlightening society culturally and our approach is humble and down to earth. We realize our visions creatively to invoke awe and wonder and spiritually heal others, inviting catharsis and promoting a sense of well-being through a positive environment and message. Great art and music stir us to tap into the Source and bring forth the extraordinary greatness within, to evoke that creative passion that makes our spirits soar and exalt in the glory of inspiration to find deeper meaning and fulfillment in our lives.  Unifying the brothers and sisters of all societies across the globe is also in our hearts, bringing more peace into the world through communication, education, understanding and open-mindedness. It is true that the more informed we are the freer we are, and we believe in awareness through music. By practicing meditation and service to others we can achieve and share lasting inner peace and thereby enrich our daily experience, brightening society. We believe in investing in sustainable and eco-friendly businesses and building an infrastructure that leads to a better planet and lifestyle for everyone. Metaphysical and divine inspiration cheers us and makes us truly, deeply happy and thankful to be alive and thriving.  We’re here to put that positively out there, sort of like sponges taking in, filtering and putting the best parts of life into art and encouraging others. Create Fate Music invites you to a powerful and transformative listening experience.  Stay blessed!