Preiser Photography

I am a photographer based in Hendersonville, NC.

While the majority of my work has been for private and residential commission, I also work regularly with editorial and commercial clients to realize their photographic vision.

My style and attitude is natural and straight-forward. I strive to create strong and unique images that stand on their own

My motivation as a photographer is to find beauty within the mundane of everyday life. In my experience, the most powerful art is that which unveils the beauty lying just beneath the surface, staring us in the face all along. I find that a glimmer of this insight is true in all forms of fine art. I am in awe of the obvious, and how quickly the mundane can become resonant beauty.

In particular, the message conveyed through photos of strangers in the throes of daily life is to see one’s self reflected in the face of another. The appeal of seeing a person so unfamiliar doing something so very familiar, in a perfectly composed and chaotic scene, shows our unity as people and our aloneness as individuals.